Ragdolls are Blue Eyed Pointed Cats

In the text below written for Wain Perce - director from the Ragdoll Historical Society - we can find the true facts and reasons to say that  RAGDOLLS are ONLY Blue Eyed Pointed Cats! 

When Ann Baker choose the cats that would represent the breed, she ONLY choice the BLUE EYED POINTED CATS. This mean that other cats with other eyes colors and not pointed were discarded to be Ragdolls. FURREVER RAGDOLLS™ doesn't accept cats mink or solid colors with blue or other eyes color as a Ragdoll Cat.

"On January 1, 1970, these were the only Ragdolls in the whole world, a total of only 65 Ragdolls. Ann Baker up until this time was the ONLY Ragdoll breeder, she produced other kittens, but these 65 were the only ones Ann registered as Ragdolls with NCFA. They were ALL BLUE EYED, POINTED RAGDOLLS.They were all seal pointed except for Thumper Jr. who was the first lilac/blue. Denny & Laura Dayton bought their first breeding pair Rosie & Buddy from Ann in 1969 becoming the first to buy a breeding pair from her. Bob Minter bought Pancho Villa & Melonie from Ann and later sold them to the Daytons. Phil & Nancy Delano had bought Pecos Bill & Orphan Annie from Ann but found her hard to work with, and sold both Ragdolls to the Daytons. A lady named Opel Jensen bought 5 female Ragdolls from Ann Baker and wanted out, she sold Terri Lee 70, Miss Chef 70, Lolita 70, Miss Cat 70, & Opal 71 to the Dayton's. Denny also bought Lovable 71, and had him altered and used him as his salesman in the cattery. After only a few minutes with Lovable, the potential buyer was ready to buy their first Ragdoll. Denny & Laura now owned 12 Ann Baker Raggedy Ann Ragdolls.


Ming Toi 5/4/66 
B'wana 5/4/66
Woo Wong 5/4/66 
Floopy 5/4/66

Cinderella 5/8/67
Echo 6/24/67
Gretal 5/8/67
Thumber 8/23/67
Bo-Peep 6/24/67

Sleeping Beauty 3/22/68 
Cotton Tail 5/25/68
Mary Poppins 4/2/68
Mopsy 5/25/68
Thumblina 4/2/68
Flopsy 5/25/68

Rosie 4/12/69
Gretchen 4/12/69
Thumper Jr 1st Lilac/Blue 4/27/69
Lolita 7/24/69
Sweet Pea Unk Goldilocks 8/21/69
Deliah 4/12/69
Raggedy Ann 10/19/69
Ginger 7/16/69
Barbara 7/16/69
Penny 4/12/69


Kyoto 7/3/65
Tiki 7/3/65

Toy Sue 7/20/66 
Kookie 7/20/66
Kookie Tu 7/20/66
Toy Ling 7/20 66

Bambie 4/20/67
Heidi 4/20/67
Robin 5/27/67

Davy Crockett (Tom Boy) 4/9/68
Orphan Annie 7/16/68
Mary Ann 7/16/68
Red Riding Hood 7/16/68
Madame Butterfly 6/20/68
Dorothy of Oz 4/15/68
Alice Blue Gown 3/26/68
Gwendolyn 3/26/68
Merryweather 4/15/68
Mothergoose 4/15/68
Briar Rose 6/20/68
Winnie the Pooh 6/20/68
Barbi 5/19/68 
Pollyanna 4/15/68 

Buddy 6/23/69
Pecos Bill 8/21/69
Debby 7/16/69
Susie 9/22/69
Dolly 4/10/69 
Peggy 4/10/69
Annabel 4/14/69 
Matilda 9/22/69
Joy 8/21/69
Adam 10/19/69
Cinder Unk
Maggie 3/11/69 
Gueber 4/12/69
Moby Dick 6/23/69 "

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