The first recognized colors are Seal, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac. And we have red and cream too!


The points are deep seal brown, the body color goes from fawn or warm brown to cream. Bib and collar are lighter. The nose and paw pads are dark brown.odies where there are no points. 


Points are slate blue, the body ranges from bluish white to cream. Bib and collar are a shade lighter than the rest of the body. Nose and paw pads are slate


A warm milk-chocolate color for the Points. Bodycolor goes from ivory to a lighter shade of the point-color. Nose and paw pads show the same warm brown color in the Colorpoint variety.


The points range from a pinkish-gray to a pinkish-beige. The body has a warm magnolia color. The Colorpoint has a lavender colored nose and paw pads.


In this version the points are in a red-orange color, the body is cream with a slight touch of red. Colorpoints show a pink nose, which can be freckled, and pink paw pads.


Points are in a pale cream color, the body is mostly white. Nose and paw pads are pink....