​​​​​​​The Official FurrEver Ragdolls TM was born in late 2012.
It was created by a small group of friends with a passion in common: 


A breed of cats that since its "mysterious" creation  in the 1960's, by Ann Baker, in Southern California, generates controversies, intrigues, among other things.

However, it is one of the greatest Wonders of the World! For FURREVER FRIENDS, the Ragdoll is the Eighth Wonder! If not the First!

There have been many important events in the breed since Ann registered the first Ragdoll in 1966. He was Daddy Warbucks.

In 2010, the Ragdoll was already one of the most popular breeds in the world! In 2012, it was one of the most desired and its popularity spread around the world.

In this journey, many mistakes and successes, much vanity, many lies and much truth have passed.

With globalization, the evolution of science, the change in the media and a whole new world!


Remaining a certainty for these friends: The Real Ragdoll (blue eyed pointed)* created by Ann Baker, must continue to exist, full, healthy, dignified and ethically! Keeping size, health, esthetics, away from the vanity of unscrupulous breeders, who only seek profits, sitting on the thrones of their greed and forgot the love of a Ragdoll, who only think of their bank accounts, who put their personal frustrations over any cattery, trying to be the big one, the better, at any cost!


Using competitiveness, dishonesty, forgetting the pleasure of sitting next to a real friend and the pleasure to love each cat! Forgetting the love, care and the most importantly: That Every Ragdoll is a life! A living being wonderful and deserving of respect!

​​​​​​​The seed was there and it was planting season!

Cindy DeWolfe and Ana Viggiani worked hard on getting all together! The name was chosen, after much research, looking at all legal issues and deep feelings: It means FOR EVER RAGDOLLS or simply: FURREVER RAGDOLLS TM !

The Dream became tangible! The Group was Active! It was FURREVER Blossom Time!​​​​​​​

Our goal is clear. we are together, with plans, dreams to accomplish! As breeders, as friends, sharing all the good that our passion for Ragdoll Cat gives us every day!

FURREVER had its first official AD in the Christmas Issue of Ragdoll World 2012 - The News Letter of RFCI (Ragdoll Fanciers Club International) and others came after!​​​​​​



Is a private and nonprofit organization.  

Our true website is 


FURREVER RAGDOLLS TM DO NOT REPRESENT a single cattery, a single breeder or their commercial interests or other concerns.

FURREVER RAGDOLLS TM  gathers, presents and represents breeder friends around the world who are ethical above all, that are reputable and that are here to teach, to share and learn humbly, forever!

To teach  about the Best of Traditional Ragdoll, in all the best possible ways!



* When Ann Baker choose the cats that would represent the breed, she ONLY choice the BLUE EYED CATS. 

Blue Eyed White  (BEW) with Colorpoint genetic are  included, one time Josephine was a White Cat. 

​​​​​​​BEW Ragdolls are not deaf cats.